Marine-Tech BA-50 15 ppm Bilge Alarm Monitor / Oil Content Meter Repairs Services for OWS 15ppm Oily Water Separator / Bilge Separator

Marine-Tech BA-50 15 ppm Bilge Alarm Monitor / Oil Content Meter Repairs Services for OWS 15ppm Oily Water Separator / Bilge Separator


SHIPSERVICES.ID Indonesia 15 ppm Bilge Alarm Monitor & 15 ppm Bilge Separator / Oil Water Separator / OWS Repairs, Installation, Supply & Calibration Services provide ;

Marine-Tech BA-50 15 ppm Bilge Alarm Monitor Repairs Services for OWS 15 ppm Oil Water Separator

Marine-Tech BA-50 15 ppm Bilge Alarm Monitor Supply for Oily Water Separator / OWS 15ppm

Marine-Tech BA-50 15 ppm Bilge Alarm Monitor Installation Services on 15ppm OWS Oily Water Separator 

Marine-Tech BA-50 15 ppm Bilge Alarm Monitor Calibration Services for 15 ppm Oil Water Separator OWS

SHIPSERVICES.ID also provide Repairs, Supply, Installation & Calibration Services of 15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitor System Various Types & Makers, such as ; Georim GBA-150, Georim GBA-155, Fellow Kogyo Focas-2000, Fellow Kogyo Focas-1800, Fellow Kogyo Focas-1500Rivertrace Smart BilgeDeckma Hamburg OMD-2005, Deckma Hamburg OMD-2008, Deckma Hamburg OMD-11, Deckma Hamburg OMD-24, Deckma Hamburg OMD-32Bilgmon 488 Brannstrom, Jowa Seaguardetc

With Experienced, Skillful & Reliable Technical Team, SHIPSERVICES.ID Indonesia Ship Services offer ; Delivery Services at SHIPSERVICES.ID Workshop & On Board Services at Indonesia Ports & Anchorages 

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SHIPSERVICES.ID also provide Repairs, Installation, Commissioning, Sales, Maintenance & Calibration Services of :

Engine Telegraph Systems 

Reverse Osmosis (RO) System 

Fresh Water Generator System 

Pressure / Temperature Measuring Instruments 

Shaft Power and Ship Performance System 

Inert Gas (IG) / O2 Analyzer 

Ballast Tank Gauging & Gas Detection 

Controllable Pitch Propulsion / CCP 

Steam Condenser Level Control System 

Impressed Current Cathodic Protection System / ICCP 


COT / Cargo Oil Tank

15 ppm Bilge Alarm Monitor 

UTI meter & UTI tapes Ullage Temperature Interface 

Stern Thruster

Bow Thruster Control 


Engine Room Alarm 

General Alarm System 

Smoke Detector 

Gas Sampling System 

PLC Control Panels  

Power Distribution Panels 

Oil Mist Detector / OMD 

Pump Room Gas Detection 

Cargo Tank Pressure Monitoring System 

Cargo Hold Water Ingress Detection & Alarm System 

Cargo Oil Pump Temperature Monitoring System  

Cargo Tank Level & Temperature Monitoring System 

Cargo Tank High Level Alarm 

Overfill Alarm System  

Combustible Pump Room Fixed Gas Alarm System 

Vapour Emission Control System - Pressure & Oxygen

Fixed Gas Detection System 

Portable Multi Gas Detector & Portable Single Gas Detector  

Fire Alarm System 

Smoke Detector 

Combustible Gas Alarm System 

Pump Room Gas Alarm - Combustible, H2S and Oxygen

Boiler Automatic Combustible Control System  / A.C.C 

Ballast Tank & Draft Gauging System 

Ballast Tank Combustible Gas Alarm 

Cargo Tank monitoring system (Level, Pressure, Temp.) 

Radar Type Tank Level Gauging System

Manifold Pressure Monitoring System 

Flow Meter 

Engine control systems 

Engine safety alarm & shutdown system 

Remote Control & Panel Control 

Chain Locker Water Level 

Water Flooding Alarm System 

Noise Survey & Megger Test 


15 ppm OWS Oil Water Separator 

ODME Oil Discharge Monitor Equipment 


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